Are there any smoke free casinos in vegas

Is it possible that casinos are cutting corners and turning off their ventilation system? Pawn Stars Driving trips- day trips and planning further afield More day trips: And basically the newer better hotels have less of a problem in the rooms too. I think Mochian north star casino wisconsin was the better of the two as far as how much smoke bothered us--in fact I don't remember being bothered by it much at all, however I do remember that the hallway where our room was did smell of smoke so there must have been smoking rooms on our floor. It is my hope that within my lifetime smoking is banned. The Monte Carlo is also pretty good in keeping the air fresh; particularly in the Brew Pub which has a remarkable circulation system but no table games. I only smoke when i drink i only do that in the casino.

Are there any smoke free casinos in vegas casino royal lorret

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Are than any smoke free casinos or are there any nonsmoking areas within the Honestly, Las Vegas would be a ghost town if no one smoked in a casino. We understand that smoking is very popular there, but its not our thing to smell like nasty smoke. Any suggestion of places to stay and casinos on strip that are. Not sure about "completely" smoke free casinos, however most major hotel/casinos on the strip have relatively large "non smoking" casino areas which are away.